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I came across a list of Indie Polish Shops on Goose's Glitter. I added many more to that list some that I have tried and some that I plan on trying in the near future. I have only tried a handful of these brands, but I certainly plan to try some more of these off this list! Those with the * at the front are just a reference for me marking some of those I plan to try them soon.

I am compelled to make special mention of the Elixir Lacquers Shop. "10% of each bottle of the Lov-a-Bully Collection sold will be donated to the Atlanta Bully Rescue, an organization that works tirelessly to reduce the number of unwanted bully breeds in Atlanta and surrounding areas." I am making made my order now. :) I know this breed is an amazingly loving breed and they can make wonderful, wonderful pets! It takes a smart, responsible owner who has educated themselves about the breed to make that happen!!

If you have an Indie Polish Shop and would like to be added to this list please leave me a comment along your brand name and shop link.

List of Indie Polish Shops:

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