Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello Kitty... Break the Ice... Wet n Wild Megalast

Seeing all the fabulous Hello Kitty nail designs out there has me totally wanting to do a Hello Kitty manicure forever now. I got a couple Hello Kitty image plate a few weeks ago and I am braking them in! I used the basic Hello Kitty head design with an accent nail of Hello Kitty Bunny. I couldn't resist the Bunny...she is so cute!

For this manicure I applied the following:
  • Milani Smoothe Base Coat
  • Wet n Wild Megalast in Break the Ice...2 coats
  • Out the Door...1 coat
  • Sinful Colors in Snow Me White For Image Color (Background)
  • Nail Plate CH11 
  •  Pure Ice in Electric! For Image Color (Hello Kitty)
  • Nail Plate KD1
  • Sache Vite...1 coat

I grew up loving Hello Kitty. I remember going to the mall where there was a shop that had tons of Hello Kitty stuff. They had items from pens, pencils and erasers, to coin holders and posters, to clothes and bags...anything and everything imaginable! Oh... how I loved that Hello Kitty store!

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The entire line of colors are amazing!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cupcakes... Party On My Yacht... Pretty and Polished

OMG...I finally got Pretty & Polished Jaw Breaker and a couple other colors and I am loving them! I am dieing to try Jaw Breaker because I have wanting it forever, but it did not go with my theme for this manicure. So I tried Party On My Yacht first because it looks perfect as sprinkles on the cupcakes. My theme is a Birthday theme. It is not my birthday, it is my dog's birthday. She turned six and she was spoiled with a ton of, treats, beds, name it she got it! : )

This is my first crack at any kind of freehand artwork on my nails. As I am looking at these pics I think my cupcakes look a bit like ice cream with sprinkles, topped with a cherry in a cup! Not sure what went wrong there, but I am going with this being cupcakes topped with *tons* of icing!  I guess I was a little over zealous when making the domes of the cupcakes...oops. That's OK this is how I like my cupcakes anyway...loaded down with icing. : )

I just figured it out... my cupcake bottoms are too wide! Cupcake bottoms are not as wide as their tops. As they bake the tops bake up and over the bottoms and then you slather it with all that delicious icing!

Yeah...these are ice cream cups....crap! Cupcake mani fail! : ( Booo Hisss!!! Oh well, ice cream still falls within the Birthday theme. I love ice cream too! : )

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For this manicure I applied the following:
  • Milani Smoothe Base Coat
  •  Pretty & Polished in Party At My Yacht (pinky & ring fingers)... 2 coats
  • Sinful Colors in Flutter (over all nail base color)...1 coat
  •  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Twisted Pink (cupcake bottom)... 1 coat
  • Sinful Colors in Snow Me White (icing and stripes on cupcake bottoms)... 1 coat (not in pic above)
  • Out the Door...1 coat
  • Pretty & Polished in Party At My Yacht (sprinkles)... 1 coat
  • Revlon Colorstay in Velvet Rope (cherry)...1 coat
  •  Sache Vite...1 coat

 Here is a picture of the Birthday girl! This is Bunny and she turned six years old. I just love her to death!! She is the best dog on planet Earth!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Candy-Licious / Rose Bonbon Stamping... Wet n Wild Megalast

I am not a huge lover of pinks or reds and I rarely reach for them when doing my nails (so why do I have over 25 pinks and 15 reds in different shades then?!?...anyway...). Today I reached for this pink by Wet N Wild Megalast called Candy-Licious / Rose Bonbon and figured, lets see what I can do with this. Of all the pinks I own this is the last shade that I would ordinarily reach for. But I have to say after I was done with the mani I really like it on me better than looking at it in the bottle! I am shocked because when I was opening the bottle I was thinking it was really kind of Pepto-Bismol looking and thought I was going to totally hate it.

I ran with the name of this polish since it was so fitting of the shade and I used this full nail stamping of candies and lollipops...totally cute stamp image! : )

For this manicure I applied the following:
  • Milani Smoothe Base Coat
  • Wet n Wild Megalast in Candy-Licious / Rose Bonbon...2 coats
  • Out the Door...1 coat
  • Nail Plate BM-306
  • Sinful Colors in Snow Me White For Image Color
  •  Sache Vite...1 coat

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