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I am finding so many great blog articles, tutorials, etc out there I have to create a links page for a quick reference if I should need it. Most are kind of basic, but maybe it will also be a great source of reference for any other "Nail Polishing Newbies" like myself.


1. How annoying...BUBBLES in my new, fresh manicure! Why is that happening?:
2. Homemade Nail Polish Remover Recipe:
3. There are Tons of Polishes out there and I had no idea there were this many different types!  As published by Fingers Polish Mania, here are the Different Types of Polishes:
4. Nail Repair with a teabag:
5. Manicure Clean-Up...finally I see how to get clean looking edges to my manicures:
6.  Hate those annoying BRUSHSTROKES? Here is how to get rid of them: 

7. Get great lighting for your photos by creating an inexpensive Light Box
8. Ombre vs. Gradient vs. Skittles...clarifying the different manicures and techniques:

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