Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sally Hansen...Tough Luck, Sally Hansen Gem Crush...Big Money, Sinful Colors Green Ocean

This is the first manicure I have done in about fifteen years.  I was doing a google search for glitter soft claws for cats to see if they were too over the top to put on my cats and mixed in my search came up images of people's manicures and that is when it all began... my obsession over all the fabulous manicures out there.  I found the images of the glitter cat claws, which I loved, purchased and my cats are now wearing, BUT I got completely hooked on all the glitter nail polishes, nail art and creatives manicures out there.  I had to have it! So the purchasing of many nail polishes, nail art plates, etc began. 

I wanted to do a little something green for St. Patrick's Day so I picked out: 
  • Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat as a base coat
  • Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Tough Luck... 2 coats
  • Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money... 1 coat
  • Sinful Colors in Green Ocean... 1 coat
  • Seche Vite Top Coat... 1 coat

As for the cat's soft claws and the start of my new obsession, here they are:

Pink Glitter Soft Claws 
Silver Glitter Soft Claws

There are tons of colors to choose from...
I will be ordering other colors for the cats too!


  1. I'm NOT trying to be negative here, I'm just worried :)
    Please be careful with the delicate cat claw system, it looks like the polish might hurt the unique retraction ability - looks like they cannot retract their claws because of the polish, and that will cause a lot of problems for them...
    I'd much rather follow your progress into the exiting world of nail art and polish :)

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog and your concern for my beloved kitties. I am a groomer and we use these caps on cat and dogs all the time...they do NOT have polish on them at all. The colored glitter is new in their product line and the glitter is actually in the caps...part of the design and manufacturing process and not a polish at all. They are very pretty, I think. They can retract their claws. I was just trying to get pictures of when they had the claws out a bit to better photograph the pretty caps. They have a website if you are interested... just google Soft Claws.

      Any advise on my sad :( looking nails and cuticle would be greatly appreciated. I am reading as many article and blogs as I can and trying to get them into shape...yikes! Help! I have been at it for a short while now perhaps 3 weeks or so.

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  3. OK, I see that now, still it must IMO be a disadvantage for the cat not being able to use it's claws and/or naturally maintain them.
    A good idea is to practice the "gutter" not to put polish all the way on the nails, leave less than a millimeter nail free towards the cuticle and sides, and then use a square, very flat eyeliner brush for cleanup, it works great :)
    Use cuticle oil and cuticle cream for the night, use hand cream, and patiently wait - LOL, you should have seen my nails 5 months ago, well you can on my blog :)
    If you want to know how to remove the annoying double word verification thingy your commentators need to fill, please send me an email :)

    1. Yes, I agree the cats are probably happier with the caps off, but it is just temporary. I have new kittens here that are being introduced to my existing older cats, so all the cats are wearing soft claws until they learn to get along. I don't want any of them beating the crap out of each other.

      I see what you are saying about the gutter, it looks so much better. I will have to try to implement that technique. Great tip about the eyeliner brush...that just went on my shopping list for next shopping trip.

      Ok, good news is I was just at the store and picked up Sally Hansen's VitaSurge and Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme. I also got in the mail a few days ago, a huge tub of Main and Tail Hoofmaker and nailtiques formula 2 plus. Would you advise different products? Of the research I did it seemed that all of those above got very good reviews.

      Thanks so much for your help!

    2. OH, in that case I can see they are really useful!

      Burt's Bees have amazing products, and it sounds like you have bought some good things. Actually you sound a lot like me, when I started LOL, buying stuff, looking endless hours on the Internet (aeehm, still do, shh, don't tell anyone LOL)
      Also you need to treat yourself with a good crystal file, I have tried numerous good ones, but OH boy, when I got my Leighton Denny set (can be bought individually) my jaw dropped, it files fast and leaves not a shred of filing dust hanging underneath the nail. I also bought the Hoof stick, it's a much gentler but yet effective cuticle pusher. You might need to gently nip your cuticles too...

    3. You have BOTH the highly annoying double word verification thing AND comment moderation, is that necessary?
      I actually know more bloggers who do not want to comment if the 2xword verif. thing is on....
      I don't use anything and never had spam, and i know a lot of way biggeer bloggers that also do not use it.
      Here you have a link to how to remove it:
      You can delete this message when you have read it - if you want to, it was just a help...


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