Saturday, March 16, 2013

Irish You Well - DIFFERENT dimension... Mojito Madness, Marshmallow - Essie... Emerald - Revlon

I have a St. Patrick's Day Manicure for you today. I wanted something glittery and fun, but not too over the top. I recently ordered a bunch of Indie polishes and what better to select for this mani than DIFFERENTdimension's Irish You Well. I paired it with some four-leaf clover stamping in colors to coordinate with the glitter in this fabulous polish and there you have it.

Sorry for the rough shape of my cuticles...Yikes. They have been neglected lately. I am working on them!

Different Dimension Irish You Well is a fabulous polish. As they describe it on their Etsy Shop... it is a white crelly (cream/jelly) base with green and gold glitters in different sizes and gold circle glitter. I must say... the "gold" glitters look more like "yellow" glitter to me and I love it. Not sure I would like this as much if the yellow glitters would have been gold. It applied very nicely and covered in 2 coats. I love it and I look forward to trying the other polishes I purchased from them.

UPDATE: When I was removing this polish the glitter that appears to be yellow in the mani was actually gold once the base color was removed. It is gold glitter, but sure does come off as a yellow glitter in my mani. 

This indie polish can be purchased at their Etsy shop.

See more Indie Polish I have used. I love Indie Polishes! :) 

One the index finger I used Essie's Marshmallow, which was a perfect base color match to Irish You Well. I also used Essie Mojito Madness and Revlon Emerald for the stamping, which matched perfectly to the glitters in the Irish You Well. 

It has been soooo long since I have been able to get to do my nails and actually get to blog about it! Not being able to to my nail blogging has given me major withdrawal symptoms! I hate when life gets in the way of things!! Health issues for me and my dogs, doctor appointments, vet appointments, new job training all at once equals lack of extra time. Thankfully now that we are all doing well and that things have somewhat leveled out I am going to get back to the things that I love so much...nails and blogging about it. 

For this manicure I applied the following:
  • Milani Smoothe Base Coat
  • DIFFERENT dimension Irish You Well...2 coats
  • Essie Marshmallow (Ring Finger)...3 coats
  • Sache Vite Top Coat...1 coat
  • Essie Mojito Madness (For Stamping Color...Shamrocks) 
  • Revlon Top Speed Emerald (For Stamping Color...Shamrocks)
  • Nail Plate W105
  • Sache Vite Top Coat...2 coats


  1. I love that Different Dimensions glitter! And it's SOOOOOO good to see you back honey!! I hope this means everything is going well for you and your fuzzybuddies now! :D *hugs*

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It is a great polish! We are all doing well and hopefully will stay that way. I soooo miss nail blogging and all the awesome ladies that share my same addictions. Thanks for the concern about me and my babies hun! :)

  2. that glitter is perfect for st particks day!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Glad to be back and happy that you like my SPD mani. :)

  4. Hello Kelly! I love your very pretty stamped manicures! Thank you for joining my blog, so I could find you and join yours! Your manicures really make me want to get better at stamping. I guess I will watch and learn!

    1. Happy that my manis have inspired you. I really do love stamping. It is a lot of fun. It's a great way to get some nice artwork when you are not so talented in me! :)

  5. wow! that is really pretty! i like it a lot!

  6. So cuteeee!!! ^^
    And what a lovely nail blog <3

    1. Thanks! Glad you found me and I am happy that you like my mani. :)

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks... it makes a great background for those pretty glitters.


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