Friday, July 6, 2012

Fig Jam... Revlon Scented Parfume Polish

I was drawn to this color the second I stepped in front of all the Revlon Scented Polishes. It is a warm coppery, peachy, brown color with a lovely gold shimmer. I really am loving the Revlon polishes. They have great colors with good formulation and decent brushes. I have achieved complete coverage in two coats with all the Revlons I tried, except for the Sunshine Sparkle which was a fairly pale yellow...I applied 3 coats. I bet that would have looked just fine with two coats.  I am going to have to try that one using only two coats.

I don't know what in the world that huge bump is in my pinky annoying! 

Anyway, I avoided these polishes like the plague in the past because they were scented. I thought that would annoy me, but this actually smells pretty good. It is a kind of sweet smell. I have only had this on now for a few hours, but of what I have read the smell wears off after a day. I will update this posting after I find that out first hand.

For this manicure I applied the following:
  • Sache Clear Base Coat
  • Revlon Scented Parfume in Fig Jam...2 coats
  • Out the Door...1 coat

The only slight con about this was the brush. And this is just my personal preference because I like the fatter, fuller brushes. This one is on the skinny narrow side, but that will not stop me from getting more of these. This was over all a good purchase and I will be buying more. : )

And now for the ridiculously cute (IMO) cat pics. This is what it is like at my house when ever I do my is exhausting apparently!

This is Howie and he always passes out when I am doing my nails. He certainly sleeps hard because he did not even think about opening his eyes...and boy, oh boy does he not care about sprawling out and taking up the whole bed!

Oh what it must be like to be living the good life!


  1. That is too freakin' cute! He's sprawled out, isn't he? Dreaming of drinking a tuna juice margarita and chasing mice I bet. Haha

    1. He is a 12lb cat and takes up three-quarters of the bed and it's a full size bed! Tuna juice margarita...LOL...good one...and I bet he would love one too! :D

    2. He looks skinnier than that, I guess cuz he's stretched out. My boys are big too. LB is about 12 and Ami is about 14 lbs. and they cram up on my little full size bed with me too. I just sleep all crooked around them. Haha. My baby girl is more independent, she sleeps somewhere else. :)

    3. OMG...that is how I sleep too! I let them settle in where ever they want and them I contort myself around them into bed. People think I am crazy and and ask why I don't move them so I don't have to be all bent up. People just don't understand!

    4. No way! Their comfort is so much more important than my own. LB likes to get in the crook of my arm to sleep. He even knows when it's bedtime and starts following me around like he's trying to tell me. :)

  2. Fig Jam looks good on you! I like your cat :)

  3. It's so funny this is the one you went towards cause everytime I see the display I look at it first too haha. It looks great on you, I also have been afraid of the "scent".

    OMG KITTY BELLY!!! You have a mouth-breather kitty too! I will never ever tire of kitty pics.

    1. It is very pretty on. I really did love this color! The glitter in it is perfect.

      Not only is he a mouth breather, he also drools all over me when I "have to hold" him. He is very needy of attention...I love him! : )


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