Saturday, July 14, 2012

Liebster Blog Award and Tag

A big thank you to Lillibit´s Nail Art World for nominating my for the Liebster Blog Award. If you have not yet visited her blog...check it out! She is one of the international nail blogger I follow from Spain and she creates very unique manis. She uses some stamping and lots of free hand too. She does great work with tons of detail. I encourage you to check out her manis. : ) 

The rules for this award are:

-        Add the award picture to your post
-        Thank and link the blog who have nominated you
-        Nominate 5 blogs with less than 100 followers

I Nominate the following:


  1. Why did you create your blog?
  2. How did you decide the name of your blog?
  3. Which one of your posts was more difficult for you?
  4. Your favourite perfume.
  5. Your favourite songs.
  6. What is the thing which most bothers you?
  7. Recommend a book.
  8. Your favourite film.
  9. A taste.
  10. A journey you have in mind.
  11. Night or day?
  12. Your worst vice.


My Tag Answers:
  1. Why did you create your blog? I created my blog to document the manicures I was doing in order to be able to refer back to them if I wanted to. I also wanted to share what I was creating with others that have the same passion for nails.
  2. How did you decide the name of your blog?  It was a simple name and for a lack of a better name this is what I decided on.
  3. Which one of your posts was more difficult for you? That is an easy was the Psychedelic Design. This manicure took a very long time and I had a sore neck for days after!
  4. Your favourite perfume. My favorite perfume is Glow by JLo.
  5. Your favourite songs. My favorite song is Rumor has it by Adele.
  6. What is the thing which most bothers you? The one thing that bothers me the most is inconsiderate people and people that have no respect for others. It especially bothers me when it is directed to their elders. And it especially bothers me with these people that are inconsiderate and disrespectful are kids...that makes my blood boil!!!
  7. Recommend a book. A book that I have always liked is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
  8. Your favourite film. One of my favorite movies is Good Fellas.
  9. A taste. I like any thing spicy, but not 'set my hair on fire' spicy!
  10. A journey you have in mind. I want to go on an African Safari trip.
  11. Night or day? Both
  12. Your worst vice. This is easy too...I am totally addicted to McDonald's Mocha Frappes! Oh my, my they are sooooo good!


  1. Love mocha frappes. Love reading these. :)

    1. How much do I want to jump in the car and get one right now?!?! Mocha Frappes totally rock. Yup... I am addicted for sure!

  2. Congrats on your award! And I am TOTALLY addicted to the McD's Mocha Frappes too! I get them so often, the girl at the window says "Hey baby girl!" every time I go! I could easily lose these 13 lbs I put on (with the help of the frappes) if I could just stop drinking them. I've tried frappes at Burger King, Starbucks and Joe Muggs and NONE of them even come close to the McD's. Have you tried the kind with the chocolate chips yet? I've been wondering if it's any good, but haven't strayed from my usual yet. :)

    1. Thanks you. I have tried the Frappe at Starbucks and, I agree it, it doesn't come close. I have not tried the Chocolate chip because I too can not bring myself to stray from the Mocha. I know what is going to happen the day I try to be adventurous and get the choc chip frappe...I will be so upset if it sucks and I am drinking a sucky choc chip frappe when I would be totally enjoying a mocha frappe. I will not be a happy camper at all! Not sure I will EVER stray!

  3. Thanks sooo much for your words about my blog and my manicures!!! I love your manicures too, that´s why I nominated you for this award. You deserve it! ;-)

    1. Your certainly most welcome...your work and your blog are totally worthy of this award. Thanks again! : )


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