Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Get To Know Me...... TAG!

Hello fabulous nail fanatics! Michaela from Nail Polish Anon nominated me for the Get To Know Me tag. If you have not yet visited her blog I highly recommend it. She has great pics, great nails and cute little dogs. 

Thank you Michaela your nails are always lovely and Buster is too cute for his own him!

The Rules
  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and write 11 questions for the people you have tagged to answer. 
  3. Choose 11 people and link them to your tag and let them know. 
  4. No tag backs.

11 Things About Myself:
  1. I am an all or nothing type of person.
  2. I love my animals to death.
  3. I do not have any tattoos.
  4. I do not have any piercings other than my ears.
  5. My favorite current singer is her!
  6. My favorite snack food is Ruffles and homemade onion dip.
  7. The best thing I make is reservations.
  8. My favorite color is green.
  9. I love reality celeb Bethenny Frankel.
  10. First thing after I wake up, I check my emails and blog reading list (well... after I get my first cup of coffee).
  11. I am very need and organized without being OCD about it.


1. cat or dog?
Both, they are very different animals and I love them both for their differences.

2. where do you live specifically (ie. town, village etc) and what is it like there?
Just outside Tampa. It is peaceful and quiet, but far from everything. 

3. setting aside human beings, who/what do you love most in the world. I'm talking an object, a pet, or an activity here.
Hands down my contest.

4. what is the best part of blogging to you?
I love having a place to find answers, opinions and inspiration from all those with so much experience who are kind enough to take the time to blog and share their knowledge.

5. what is at the top of your bucket list?
Take an African Safari trip.

6. favourite book/s?
I am not a fan of books based on fiction. I do have tons of reference and how-to books though. For the most part reading makes me fall asleep.

7. favourite animal?
I love all animals. I truly don't have a favorite animal, but I think any animal as a baby makes me crazy. Its something about the little features of baby animals...I love them.

8. favourite nail polish?
Oh boy this is a hard one because I am so new in the world of nails my knowledge is limited here. But I would have to say that one polish that stands out to me is Toxic Seaweed by Cult Nails.

9. what beauty product couldn't you live without? 

10. sweet or savoury?

11. How do you feel about indie polishes?
I have no idea what that is! I will have to do some research on that one. 

Ok...get ready bloggers:

 Tag your it! That was fun. I can't wait to see what you all write.

Tag Questions:
  1. Do you pick your polish to match your clothes or your clothes to match your polish?
  2. How did you become involved in nail blogging?
  3. What is your middle name and is it a namesake, if so after who?
  4. What was the last thing you ate and was it good?
  5. What is your favorite holiday?
  6. Left-handed or right-handed?
  7. What color dominates your polish collection?
  8. Shimmers or cremes?
  9. What is your favorite flower?
  10. Any pets and what are their names?
  11. What presently is your biggest challenge in the world of nails? 

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