Monday, April 9, 2012

Zoya - Glimmer... TOTALLY A Neutral!

Well, I wanted to go with something that was neutral or a nude, so I selected this one...Zoya Glimmer. And I can not have picked something that was more of a nude on me because I could barely tell I had any polish on and this is 3 coats.  If it was not for the amazing shimmer in this polish I would not have even been able to see this color with my skin tone! This is not my favorite, but it is what I was going for in this manicure.  I think I just prefer all the amazing colors, glitters, textures and art work in the manicures that I have seen from some of the seriously talented blogger out there.

So here is what I did:
  • Milani Smoothe Base Coat
  • Zoya in Glimmer... 3 Coats
  • Out the Door... 1 coat
So as I said, this is not my favorite I just think I need color...  
Give Me Color !


  1. The nail polish is gorgeous I read your more recent post, so I know you were not to happy with the neutral but it would look nice with a french lol. It took strikingly similar to Sally Hansen's complete manicure in Naked Ambition which I own Love love it!

    I guess it's good to have a neutral for those i'm not feeling it days, lol kinda like nude pumps.

    1. I agree. Neutrals are certainly a necessity in everyone's collection of polish...just like nude pumps...hummm...makes me want to go shoe shopping! Or maybe polish shopping... to make sure I have the perfect neutral shades and whatever perfect colored polish jumps in my hand. Lol.

    2. ya me to I still dont own Nude pump YIKES!!!!! lol


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